Maths Statistics - HB G/P and J/N

  • Posted on: 4 February 2015
  • By: PaulaKirkpatrick

Children will be involved in collecting, displaying and analysing data relating to themselves, their HB and other interests.

To Do List: 
Collect data: how many people in our houses; hair & eye colour; how we come to school; leisure time activities
Children will research a native bird and 'sell' it to their HB. Children will vote and tally results.
Children identify a bird they want to research, Use book and online resources to access information.
Plan on A3 sheet an fact sheet about their bird
using pictures of each child's bird, display as a bar graph, children then use stickers to indicate their top 3 choices for HB name
Tally, complete graph, count votes and make statements about data