The first steps of quantum mechanics, and waves - continued

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  • Posted on: 1 December 2015
  • By: FlorianMaisonneuve
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In the first part of this term we will study towards an internal exam covering various content commonly grouped as “Modern Physics”. This is always a very exciting moment as we will look at the foundational discoveries of quantum mechanics and special relativity. On several occasions these topics will be tied to astronomical examples. Student’s learning will be assessed by an in-class test. The next topic will be on waves and their observed properties which we can sometimes use to our advantage: interference, diffraction, standing waves and the Doppler effect. This corresponds to an external exam. Meanwhile, students will be reminded to keep working on their research about an application of physics or a socio-scientific controversy of their choice and write an essay about it. There may be an opportunity towards the end of the term to go to Tekapo for an Astronomy camp.

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