Philosophy - Phil139 Ethics, Politics, Justice

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How we should live our lives is the most important question of all. What makes our actions right or wrong? Is it our culture, our emotions, facts about the world, or God's commands? Are pleasure and happiness all that really matters? What should we do when justice and freedom conflict with happiness or with each other? Should we always obey the law? Is taxation legalised theft? This course introduces students to moral and political philosophy by examining ideas and arguments about how we should live our personal, social and political lives.

Class meets for one two hour session per week. We will discuss lecture powerpoints, work through tutorial exercises, and complete any assessment work. Students are strongly urged to watch the online lectures to prepare for class.

Assessment Information
15 points towards stage one University of Canterbury.
Students in this course can earn 15 points towards Stage One of a University degree.
See Brent Silby for details

Student essays can be used for Level 3 English writing portfolio. They can also be assessed against the Level 4 Academic writing standard.

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