Film Studies

  • Posted on: 3 February 2015
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Film Studies explores the many aspects of films from the technical to the social and political. The course is essentially project based whereby students are expected to research or explore the ideas or concepts, touched on in the class, in their own time. NCEA assessments may be attempted at any time by individuals who choose to do so and have displayed the skills and learning needed.

Students who are interested in film but who are not interested in pursuing NCEA in this course are also welcome. And students who wish to attend the course when a particular film interests them may also do so.

The Language of Film/A Chronological Study of Film
In this unit we will take a journey of exploration looking at very early films and consider how technical advances have changed the film industry. Films will include those that have become a part of our cultural heritage. The technical language of film will also be a focus to better enable students.