06.03.18 Circotica - Circus School

Having a meeting on Thursday 4:30pm with my mother and Circotica to see about attending their school as an Offsite Learning on Mondays & Fridays. Will speak to Danny (Circotica) whether Monday & Friday will work.

Red - PBL
Green - PE: but not doing the assessment because it is only Level 1
Blue - Dance: Spoken to SarahM who is fine - I have not been doing standards in this class as only Level is offered and I need Level 2/3
Yellow - Health: Spoken to SarahA is all good as class is self-directed Level 2 & 3 which I will continue.

Purple - Marz has offered a Level 2 Print Media standard to go along with my experience at the Circus school. 2.8 Write as91255 3 credits; 2.5 Design as91252 4 credits; 2.6 Produce as91253 6 credits.

Not enough senior level classes as they clash with my passion classes.

Key Competencies: 
Curriculum Levels: