Extension English

Course Overview

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How the Course Works
This course focuses on students who would like to focus on reading, writing and speaking skills (or a combination of the three). Individual pathways are developed that let the student focus on learning within a context that extends them academically; or has high personal interest; or is related to vocational choices.

Students in this course will get a high level of support from LAs and tutors working in the class.

Course Length
The length of the course is open to allow students to develop skills/learning at their own pace. Students can attempt standards when they feel ready to do so.

Assessment Opportunities
Students will develop their own assessment programme..

Students are expected to develop their own goals within the context of the course.

Courses offered per block.

TitleLA CodeBlockYear
NCEA EnglishGEOM4.22021
English - NCEA level 1ANIY32021
6 Project EnglishGEOM32021
Around the World in 80 PagesROBM22021
6 Project EnglishGEOM22021
Around the World in 80 PagesROBM12021
6 Project EnglishGEOM12021