Advanced Product and Furniture Design

  • Posted on: 30 January 2018
  • By: jaredgallagher
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This course is for students interested in learning about how to design and make things, and who come with some previous experience in technology. Students will be supported to develop advanced technical and practical skills using both design and workshop tools and equipment that will enable them to develop innovative and high quality outcomes. This first stage of the course will introduce students to advanced manufacturing techniques and will culminate in a product outcome.

For level 3 NCEA students there will be a specific focus on computer aided design and manufacturing while level 2 NCEA students will integrate some computer aided design and manufacturing into their practical work.

For full details of this year long program of learning see the 78TEC overview.

Please note there will be a cost of approximately $20 per student, per term depending on individual projects students undertake.

Assessment Opportunities: