How do we "do" science?

  • Posted on: 26 January 2018
  • By: ZackWilliams
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In this unit, we will discover how we know what we know, and "how to do science". We'll study the steps in the 'Scientific Method' and compare it with how scientists actually do awesome science-y stuff every day. Science is a creative and collaborative endeavour that isn't always done "by the book", i.e. following the Scientific Method to the letter.

We will discuss some famous experiments, whether they have been successful or not. We will also practice our scientific literacy and communication skills as we study experimental procedures and analyse experimental data.

Finally, we'll get hands-on experience in the lab as we follow careful steps to investigate a few physical phenomena and try to reproduce our results, with learning outcomes such as:

- Appreciate that science is a way of explaining the world and that science knowledge changes over time.

- Identify ways in which scientists work together and provide evidence to support their ideas.

- Ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models, and carry out appropriate investigations to develop simple explanations.