The Solar System

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  • Posted on: 14 December 2017
  • By: FlorianMaisonneuve
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An alien coming from a giant gas planet would look at our solar system and say: “There are only four planets there, the rest is just asteroids and comets”. We will look at everything that goes around the sun, such as asteroids that look like planets, moons that may be asteroids, icy worlds almost as big as planets while others melt when coming close to the sun. The eight planets that we know and love and how far they are from each other. Also how different they are. Students will be expected to create a book with all the content of the course. This is the only form of assessment for this class. The book will need to be good enough for anyone else to read and understand everything about this course. It will need a good design, presentation, illustrations and organisation. Part of this course will be a camp at Tekapo to visit the observatory and experience the night sky like nowhere else.