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Photography 2018
Photography 2018
Do you have something that you are passionate about? An issue or idea that really concerns you or gets under your skin? Photography provides you with the perfect opportunity to investigate, develop and explore such themes and present a folio of images that reflect your work.

During Term One we will spend time brainstorming and developing ideas and searching for artist/photographer models who link with your ideas and theme. We will also spend time refreshing and learning how to use digital SLR cameras creatively.
See https://www.studentartguide.com/articles/creative-photography-ideas

Course Structure

Term One : as above
Term Two and Three : Folio generation and development of ideas and images, layout, sequencing of images, regeneration and resolution of ideas and images. Folios are due in the first two weeks of Term Four.

If you are interested in exploring Photography but don't think a folio is for you an alternative is to explore an idea and take a series of images that would be suitable for mounting, framing and displaying in one of the two Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery Exhibitions at the Christchurch City Council Building Foyer. This project can be assessed for an internal achievement standard and is worth 4 credits.

Assessment Information

Level 2 AS 91332 Level 2 Folio (12 credits, external assessment) AS 91325 (4 credits, internal)
Level 3 AS 91457 Level 3 Folio (14 credits, external assessment) AS 91460 (4 credits, internal)

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