HB Fancy Chicken - Sustainability, Conservation and Climate Change

  • Posted on: 27 November 2017
  • By: GinaHarrison

This term we will be doing a variety of activities around sustainability, conservation and climate change.

Achievement Objectives:
Level 1-2 Science
Planet Earth and Beyond: Interacting Systems - Describe how natural features are changed and resources affected by natural events and human actions.

Level 1 English
Speaking, Writing, Presenting
Ideas: Form and express simple ideas and information, drawing from personal experience and knowledge.
Structure: Organise texts using simple structures.

We will look at NZ Birds:
- we will look at the doc website and the NZ bird of the year website and make posters around of our favourite bird.
- we will write persuasive writing about why the bird we have chosen is the best.

We will look at Coral Reefs:
- what they are, how climate change is effecting them.
- we will make machines that will help the animals that live on the coral reefs survive climate change.

We will look at Antarctica:
- we will find out about Antarctica
- we will join a Learnz field trip to Antarctica
- we will find out about how climate change is effecting Antarctica and what we can do about it.
- we will go on a trip to the museum to see the exhibit Far From Frozen.

We will have an earthquake workshop run by a parent:
- we will look at how earthquakes are formed
- we will look at how earthquakes effect the ground and how they effect buildings.

To Do List: 
Create a poster about a bird with facts and information
Communicate my ideas about a bird by writing a persuasive text
Create a machine that helps animals survive climate change on the coral reef
Participate actively in the earthquake workshop
Explain how climate change effects Antarctica
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