The History of Skateboarding

  • Posted on: 7 November 2017
  • By: RobertMiceli
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Calling all skaters! Are you working on perfecting that Ollie? Maybe its a Varial 720.

This class is going to be all about skateboarding past, present and future. We are going to start with a study of the history of the sport from the 1950s and follow its progression all the way to it being inducted into the event list for the Olympics. We will doing reading, writing, discussing and riding so be prepared to get outside if the weather is pleasant.

** We will be going on a trip to a skatepark and occasionally practising skateboarding here at school. This will require a consent letter to be approved by someone at home. If you are riding you will also be expected to bring your own protection (Helmet, wrist guards, Knee pads, lifejackets etc.) **

There is also a possibility we will be able to design and build our own skateboards. This is dependant on availability of materials and overall interest.