Action Now for a Changing Future.

  • Posted on: 6 November 2017
  • By: jaredgallagher
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You will need to enrol in this for both Blue (BREB) and Yellow class (JARG)

As we experience the very wet cold winter and the super-hot spring it should dawn on us that climate change is a real thing. Unless you are President Trump you should have seen the evidence (think polar bears). In 5NOW we are working on a block long project across two classes per week, you must take both yellow and blue block classes to complete this course. We will be creating an action plan now to meet the needs of a changing tomorrow. It won’t be a simple solution so it needs a clever idea. Across the 20 classes in this block you will be learning about and designing a small food production system for an urban backyard that can be adjusted for a specific environment and to meet the growing needs of many types of plants by replicating their ideal climate. The solution offers us a chance to grow new novel food crops in our own backyards while conserving the rarest resource on earth – WATER.

You will work to develop a conceptual and conduct real scientific experiments to produce data that will help feed your own solution to a real need or opportunity. You will look at various alternative planter materials and designs including untested materials, meet with and interview stakeholders and explore design and test options that would best meet the needs or opportunities you have identified.

This course will include the opportunity to complete two NCEA level 1 assessment standards as such you will need to be a hard working and mature year 10 student who works well with deadlines. You will need to ooze enthusiasm and innovation and work well in a team while still producing an individual report. This class leads on nicely to level 1 EFS (Education for Sustainability) and Level 1 TEC (Technology).

Assessment Opportunities: