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Junior Media Studies - Independent Film Projects

  • Posted on: 30 October 2017
  • By: richardpitts
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Do you have an idea for a film you'd like to make?

*Maybe it's an original script you've written?
*Maybe you'd like to adapt a text you've studied through the year, and turn it into a film?
*Maybe you want to create a highlight reel of a family holiday?
*Maybe you want to make a video CV for yourself, so you can apply for jobs in a unique fashion?
*Maybe you have an idea for a video blog that you'd like to get off the ground - 'This Week at Ao Tawhiti', where you make a short 2 minute video and upload it each Friday?
*Maybe you want to be given film-type tasks to complete, to upskill yourself in filming and editing?
*Maybe you want to make a video dramatically re-enacting a game of Secret Hitler, so people understand how to play the game? Or a play-by-play analysis of a tournament game?

Whatever your idea is, you can get some help with the planning and execution of it in this class.

If you don't have an idea, you should see Richard BEFORE enrolling in the class, to see if we can come up an idea for you to work towards.

***Any new students to the class - please come with your Unlimited (not Discovery) school email account completely sorted (as in: it exists, and you know how to log in to it). You need this to access Google Classroom, which is where all course material is kept.***