HB Kiwi Instructional Writing T4 2017 - early writers

  • Posted on: 13 October 2017
  • By: SuzeKeys

This term HB Kiwi will be focussing on how to write instructions.

Initially, we will use HB activities (calendar art and nature inquiry) to model and write instructional texts.

Children will then self select an activity they want to write instructions on, take step-by-step pictures of the chosen activity, write instructions for each image and run a workshop using those instructions.

Potential to publish all the instructions in a "How to..." booklet for the HB.

To Do List: 
Decide on an activity I am familiar with and can write instuctions on
Plan my idea and draw a picture plan
Include a title and an introductory sentence explaining the purpose of the instructions
Speak my instructions to a buddy and have them mime them to check none are missing
Take step-by-step photographs
Write the instruction for each image
Edit my instructions by having the LA mime them to check none are missing
Edit my instructions after feedback
Publish my instructions
Put all instructions together into a book?
Include a required materials/equipment/items list
LA Code: