2017 Term 4 Fancy Chicken Writing Programme

  • Posted on: 9 October 2017
  • By: libbyboyd

In this unit we will be posing and answering "Big Questions" to from the basis for our writing programme.
We will be covering different genres of writing by answering our Big Questions.
Some of this Unit will be post planned as we do not have all of our Big Questions as we want them to be topical and relevant to real world events.

Genres and skills Covered:
(Structure, sentences, punctuation, description and language will be included in all writing genres).
If we have time we may cover others too.

Week 1 - 3
1. Conservation Week is in week one so we will be asking and answering "What is Conservation?" Children will choose type of writing they embark on (see literacy Must Dos , week 1, Term 4) but main focus is to get the big question answered.
2. Info Report - collaborative. Children will buddy up with a person who has chosen the same bird as them to research and write a short report on their chosen bird. These will be shared with the class.
3. Persuasive Writing - Bird of the Year. Children will write a short persuasion outlining why their selected bird should be crowned "Bird of the Year", (Forest and Bird are currently having this competition). Their writing will be read by class members who will then vote on the bird they felt was best written about.

To Do List: 
Learn about different genres of writing
Think of different ways to write about the same topic
Edit writing
Share stories with others
Remember the rules of writing and use them in each piece off writing they complete.
LA Code: