Integrated Literacy "Le petit chat cherche une famille".

  • Posted on: 28 September 2017
  • By: Marie-EveTherrien

This integrated literacy unit uses a story written in the form of a play as the starting point for a number of oral and written language manipulation activities that will allow students to develop their oral and written language skills in French. This unit of work introduces students to over 200 high frequency words in French. These words are all introduced in the context of the story or classroom activities that accompany the story and the play. Students develop their oral language skills as they learn to retell the story in their own words at the end of this unit. Written language skills (reading and writing) are developed and supported through a variety of language manipulation activities that are scaffolded and organised according to Bloom's taxonomy of thinking skills. Students familiarise themselves with the correct spelling and word order in French as they progress through the series of written activities. Each activity is modelled by the teacher orally first and then students complete the written activities at their own pace. Students in year 1 and 2 start by matching images and sentences, then they illustrate and copy sentences in French, then they choose the correct word to complete a sentence, put the words in order to create a sentence that makes sense in French and start to write creatively as they write their own "phrases bizarres" or "mini stories" in French, using high frequency words introduced in the play. Students in year 3 and 4 also create their own mini stories, answer simple and complex questions based on the story, rewrite the story in their own words and create their very own story, apply their knowledge of spelling, correct verb forms, gender agreements and other grammatical concepts taught in that unit. They can also start journal writing and take part in creative improvisational storytelling. The length, complexity and accuracy of the written story will depend on many factors, including the age of the child, for how long they have attended school and for how long they have been schooled in French. This integrated literacy unit allows each child to achieve and perform at their "personal best".

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complete the written language manipulation activities (illustre la phrase, choisis le bon mot, mets les mots en ordre, les phrases bizarres, mes phrases bizarres, les questions totales, les questions partielles)
write my own version of the story
write my own creative story
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