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Dance Inquiry Term 3

  • Posted on: 21 September 2015
  • By: libbyboyd

Decide as a group how we want dance inquiry to "look".

Have fun dancing!!!

Come to dance to learn about different genres and styles of dance.
Explore the link between music and movement.
Work in a group to create a dance to perform.
Learn some Break dancing from a breakdancing expert.
Visti a dance studio and experience dancing in a specialist dance space.

All sessions begin with a warm up and a warm down and reflection.
5 min break mid session to rehydrate and loo.

To Do List: 
Join in Dance sessions
Contribute ideas to small and large group dances
Work in groups to create a dance
Be a contributing member of the group dance and listen and practice the dance.
Have fun
Describe the different elements of dance
Identify and Explore the different moods of music and ways to move to it.
Express/convey stories through dancing.
Define what dance is.
Apply new knowledge to different dances