Rebootilization Major Production

  • Posted on: 21 August 2017
  • By: mhu
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“With the General on his way, hundreds of characters, dozens of stories still to restore, all I keep thinking about... is Cinderella’s sock.”

Stories all over the world are under attack. Pages are going blank in a pandemic so big, the government’s involved. That’s where SynCryn comes in.

Not an ordinary lab, SynCryn has the original narrative DNA for every story on ice and a plan to save the world from story obliteration. It’s an easy rebootilization process... so long as there aren’t any glitches in the software, or the director doesn’t go crazy, or the stories thaw out too quickly, or pirates get loose.

If none of those things happen, it’s foolproof. A full length extravaganza

Ao Tawhiti's 2017 Major Production is 'Rebootilization' directed by Rheanna Walsh is THIS TERM. All cast members will be encouraged to choose both YELLOW & GREEN blocks as your performance is in WEEK 9 (Four weeks away).

A reminder to parents that we will need A LOT of help acquiring costumes & props, building & painting backdrops and general support. This may require weekend times as well.

Assessment Opportunities: