2017 Fancy Chicken Social Studies Term 3

  • Posted on: 15 August 2017
  • By: libbyboyd

Explore some environmental Issues in the world today and how they affect children.
This unit is run in tandem with Collaborative Writing. Much of the written content of this unit will be done during our collaborative writing unit.

Children will be asked to find an issue they can describe/share with other children which they are concerned or worried about or which they know has an impact on children around the world.

Research and learn about the chosen issue. Children will have a choice of issues to research, (from a limited, LA chosen selection). Some of this part of the unit will be LA directed.

Write a collaborative piece of writing from the point of view of an effected child.

We will l be post planning some of this unit as the subject evolves within the children minds and issues arise.

To Do List: 
Work collaboratively to write a retell of an environmentally messaged story
Choose an environmental issue to write about and research
Write collaboratively to tell the affects that an environmental situation may have on a child
Work cooperatively to edit writing
Share stories with others
Be able to discus some environmental issues and how they affect children.
LA Code: