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Navigation, snow and assessments

  • Posted on: 23 July 2017
  • By: MattParkes
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This is a whole term course.
Wednesdays will be largely dedicated to navigation and map skills and will involve trips to various orienteering courses around Christchurch, including Halswell Quarry, The Groynes and Victoria Park. Trips will be (mostly) independent of weather, so come prepared to get rained on. We are also unlikely to get back to school before 1:30 on these days.

Fridays will focus on theory sessions regarding navigation and snow skills. Several Fridays will include trips to Mt Hutt - students that do not wish to come to Mt Hutt will need to be able to self-manage and work on navigation assignments or trip planning for later in the year.

There will be an optional snow-skills residential trip, hopefully including snow-caving, in early september. There will be a very limited number of spaces on this trip, which will be allocated based on Matt's view of students' commitment, attitude and preparedness.

There will also be opportunities for practical assessments of skills learned earlier in the year.

Assessment Opportunities: