HB Fancy Chicken Level 2 Reading Group - T3 2017

  • Posted on: 20 July 2017
  • By: GinaHarrison

This group are independent readers but they will still read with their LA 3 times per week to develop fluency and build comprehension. They will be using the Sharp Reading program to develop comprehension at sentence level.

These students are reading Level 2 texts, providing students with a wide range of text types and topics and supporting a range of reading purposes that are increasingly cross-curricular.

Students understand that texts have purposes and are written for audiences. They confidently use a range of processing and comprehension strategies to make meaning and think critically about longer and more complex texts. They monitor their reading and draw on a wide range of problem-solving strategies when meaning breaks down. They are using texts more often to meet demands across the curriculum. They usually read silently.

We will also be delving into the text to:
Activate Prior Knowledge
Self Monitor
Make connections
To build Comprehension.

To Do List: 
Use your reading strategies independently.
Make your reading sound fluent, phrased and expressive.
Skim read to locate specific information.
Summarise in detail in own words.
Discuss difference between fact and fiction.
Point out: table of contents, index, diagrams, glossary, maps, headings, chapters.
Identify concepts such as: setting, theme, plot.
What strategies have I used? Which strategy could I try to use next time?
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