HB Fancy Chicken Turquoise Reading Group - T3 2017

  • Posted on: 20 July 2017
  • By: GinaHarrison

Turquoise guided reading texts include less familiar themes, and although settings and contexts may be outside the students’ prior knowledge, they can still relate to them. There is a mix of explicit and implicit content. There is frequent use of literary language and many language features of informational texts. Texts are becoming longer with more complex text and sentence structures. Illustrations support the meaning and may suggest new ideas or viewpoints.

Expected reading behaviours

Students understand that texts have purposes and are written for audiences. They read with increasing independence and fluency and use multiple sources of information along with their prior knowledge to make meaning, consider new ideas, and think critically. Students draw from visual language features, such as text within illustrations, split illustrations, photographs, and occasional subheadings, to support them to make meaning. They mostly read silently.

To Do List: 
Stretch unfamiliar words using: blends, digraphs, chunks, rhyme and word endings. Read High Frequency words quickly and make links to other words. Read on ⥂ to gather more information so I can predict with some accuracy. ⥄ Re-read to self-monitor and self
LA Code: