Oceans - Term 3 2017 Inquiry

  • Posted on: 19 July 2017
  • By: NadineWalmisley

This term we are doing a homebase inquiry using the planning book used by HB Fancy Chicken. This is to ensure that children who will be moving to year 2 next year have had experience of inquiry planning.

The topic of Oceans was informed by expressed interests by the children which the LAs wove together with their desire to teach some science concepts and encourage the children to see they have an impact on and responsibility for their environment. The children's interests which informed this topic were - animals, art, science experiments, superheroes, fantasy creatures, wanting to go on trips and building things.

During the inquiry we will:
Take a snapshot of the children's ideas about oceans.
Gather some questions the children would like to answer.
Thread curriculum goals throughout - science, english, art, technology.
Define what an ocean is.
Explore facts about sea creatures.
Read books about the oceans and creatures.
Visit the beach and do the Searching the Shoreline programme.
Identify risks to the ocean and how we can personally help - pollution.
Interview a Marine Biologist.
Create a way to display our learning.
Do activities relating to sea creatures.

To Do List: 
Draw a picture about what I know about the Ocean
Brainstorm what we know about the Ocean
Brainstorm what we would like to find out about the Ocean
Create a poster illustrating the zones of the ocean and creatures in each zone.
Decide what resources we can use to help us answer our questions
What is the Ocean and how deep is it.
Where is the ocean and how big is it?
Create sea water.
Desalinate sea water
Engage in CCC education programme "Searching the Shoreline"
Create posters using magazines of natural and man made things found on the beach.
List questions for Marine Biologist interview.
Learn about why whales breach (jump out of the water)
Research and answer questions about pufferfish
Research and answer questions about octopi and their ink
Find out about ocean food chains
Write an information report about a sea creature
Consider pollution in the ocean and what we can do about it
Make a polluted ocean and try to clean it
Create art and craft pieces around the ocean
Find out about mythical sea creatures
Reflect on our learning.
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