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Major Production Rehearsals & NCEA

  • Posted on: 14 July 2017
  • By: mhu
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Auditions last term means learning lines and rehearsals are now on the books for Ao Tawhiti's 2017 Major Production 'Rebootilization'. GREEN block will be NCEA work with Marlene and YELLOW block rehearsals with Rheanna. Please note however, that ALL cast members will be expected to choose BOTH colour blocks as rehearsals with Rheanna will have priority even in GREEN.

If you are interested in working on props, backdrops, costuming, lighting, sound or make-up, hair and promotions GREEN is a good block to choose as student HODs (Heads of Departments) need to be chosen. All main student HODs should choose this colour block to learn the scenes.

A reminder to parents that we will need A LOT of help acquiring costumes & props, building & painting backdrops and general support. This may require weekend times as well.

Assessment Opportunities: