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Whakarongo Ki Ōku Hoa

  • Posted on: 12 July 2017
  • By: mhu
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Listening To My Friends

Tuākana/Seniors and Tēina/Juniors are coming together to whakaako (make teach &/or learn). Tuākana will be completing Part 2 of a NCEA Whakarongo/Listening exam supported by their tēina who will also learn ngā kupu (words) associated with the work of the tuākana. So, both will become teachers & learners. We will also be looking at attempting Unit Standards and learning more tikanga especially within Māori art this term as well.

“Kia mate a Ururoa! kei mate Tarakihi!”

Whakapākehatia/English Translation:
Let us die bravely, as the fierce shark, Ururoa & not quietly like the Tarakihi!

Te Ngako o te Whakataukī/Meaning of the Proveb:
This whakataukī (proverb) means that when something is difficult a person should not give up like a tarakihi does when it is caught on the end of a shining hook. A person should keep going, keep fighting for what they want to achieve, like a shark who will not give up until it is dead.

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