2017 Fancy Chicken Collaborative Writing Unit - Term 3

  • Posted on: 11 July 2017
  • By: libbyboyd

This unit is intended to:
establish in children minds that writing is for a purpose and audience,
help lift achievement in writing, especially in correction of basic errors, making sense and writing interesting pieces,
help some children speed up their writing and develop more ability to edit as they write,
support children to gain skills in collaborative working, cooperative problem solving and mutual risk taking.

We will:
focus on the cognitive aspect of writing, (not motor),
use iPads to write together, edit together and share their work with one another and with the Home Base Community via the Seesaw Blog. Children will share ideas and comments on each others writing and with Teachers and family,
in pairs. discuss what they would like to write
one student will dictate a “story” to the other, who writes it on an iPad. Students will take turns and may have both voices in the one piece. Together they edit the piece, check for errors, interest and comprehensibility.
introduce new writing foci as the weeks progress. (Revisit already taught aspects of; Adjectives, Audience, Descriptions, Recounts, Procedures, Explanations etc…)

1. Show children how to use the iPad.
2. Introduce pre-understanding or inspiration of what children will be writing about. (Week one for example could be a recount of what they each did in the holidays).
3. Revisit writing strategies – (Sentence structure, Punctuation, Capitals, Spelling etc…).
4. Set Success Criteria – display somewhere for the week.
5. Write & edit
6. Post to SeeSaw Blog
7. Read some other people’s work and provide helpful feedback
8. Assess – was the success criteria met?

To Do List: 
Work collaboratively to write a collaborative piece
Help to establish success criteria for writing
Give feedback to other writers
Work cooperatively to edit writing
Self assess their learning
Peer assess someone elses writing.
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