2017 Fancy Chicken Term 2 Statistics Level 1 & 2

  • Posted on: 11 July 2017
  • By: libbyboyd

Work together in small and large groups to understand how to interpret data, plan a statistical investigation and gather and display data. Start and end Unit with a pre and a post test to gather data on progress and learning during unit.

1. Talley charts.
As a whole group class learn and practice making talley charts to display numbers. Using whiteboards in pairs. Talley game - how many, quick fire adding oft alleys - counting in 5s.

Displaying data in Bar Graphs.
Again as a group, revise talley information and how to turn it into a bar graph.
Title, y axis, x axis, labels and neatness. Purpose is to be able to interpret data and make conclusions.
Make a graph as a group, for reference and discuss findings.

3. Class Data Gathering
In pairs, children will decide on a question they would like to investigate. (How do you students to school, Eye colour, favourite subject at school etc).
Children make a talley chart and gather data.

4. Display Data.
In same pairs children display their data in a bar graph, (one graph each). Share data and make some conclusions about the class.

Individual Investigation and Data collection.
Children will think of a question they would like to investigate from the Motorway Over Bridge on Aidanfield Dr. (To do with cars. Eg: How many red cars go past in 10 minutes...etc.)
Make a talley cart, take timers, and observe the motorway from the top of the bridge to gather data.
Back in the home base turn the data into a graph. Share graphs and conclusions. Discuss difficulties of individual investigations, how could they change or modify investigation to simplify. (2-3 Sessions).

Weekly Must Dos during unit will be worksheets on interpreting data and using data to make graphs.

NOTE: Need to cover probability separately.

To Do List: 
Work collaboratively to investigate a statistical question
Participate in whole group activities
Complete Must Dos to practice interpreting data
Complete Must Dos to practice displaying data
make a graph showing conclusions of investigation.
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