Pond Restoration Project

  • Posted on: 13 June 2017
  • By: KateArmour

We have been out to visit the frog pond at Discovery. When Discovery leave their site it will be returned to pasture and later built upon. The treeline along the fence will be all that remains. The pond started as an irrigation pond in the headwaters of Heathcote River. The council has agreed that the pond will remain in the future for the frogs and other wildlife.

Emma gave us several options to be involved with:

1. Identify predators (e.g. ink pads), - talk to Brent Barratt, investigate buying/making/borrowing ink pads
2. Grant application to get trees from "Trees for Canterbury" and organise a planting day
3. Create an information/interpretation panel for visitors
4. Investigate water quality - talk to Brent
5. Planting flax around the tree line
6. Frog spawning plants - what is available in the pond

Nick - is interested in building and writing an information panel for the public about the pond
Kate- is interested in the predators - who is there and do we need to give the frogs a hand

To Do List: 
Kate - talk to Brent about traps, ecology, water quality
Kate - investigate ink pads - beg, borrow , buy, make
Nick - Get council contact from Emma and ask if we can put up a sign
Nick - identify the frogs
Nick - decide what information should go on the panel (pictures, photos)
Nick - build a panel
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