Kandinsky Tree

  • Posted on: 31 May 2017
  • By: kirstymcmillan

A piece of art that the wider school community can contribute to. I will build the tree framework and invite the community to contribute flowers.

Where - the office green wall
When - starting soon - will run for years - new people can contribute to the legacy - the tree will ideally be moved to the new school - it can be added to (a bigger tree as it grows
Why - the circles were symbols of peoples individuality - this will represent people coming together in the community. Each circle will be unique - everybody can create their own ones.

How: Materials - black paper, colour swatches, tape, sticky velcro, scissors, hole punches, step-ladder, hole punches, double-sided tape

Promotion - get permission to put in the school newsletter, fliers up, school-wide email - email Steven director@unlimited.school.nz - do a trial one at home and take a photo for the newsletter and flier. Maybe a message on the blackboard.

Also - in COL - put the news out. In IEMs. Maybe in community meetings.

Toby will run the content of emails/newsletter, run community pitch past an LA

Storage - box or bag to store - office - Janelle or in the community

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
get resources sorted
do a home trial
contact Steven
getting resources for the big tree
do it - build the tree - start with this community