Design and Innovate (Continued)

  • Posted on: 29 May 2017
  • By: jaredgallagher
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Developing and refining designs and outcomes for individualised projects

Following on from term one, students have completed the groundwork for their individualised design projects - during this term students will have opportunities to fully delve into their own design problems and refine their design ideas using design modelling tools and techniques.

Depending on individual pathways students can expect to be engaged in the following learning experiences: sketching and design drawing, modelling, research and analysis of designers and design work, digital design modelling, mocking up and physical modelling, using workshop tools and machines, evaluating and documenting their design and making processes in a portfolio.

This course allows for a range of pathways in the design and technology curriculum area and due to this students need to be capable of self managing and should be prepared to attend mentoring times each week as well as 2-3 hours outside of class time.

Their may be a cost per student depending on individual projects.