2017 term 2 maths - add/sub stage 6

  • Posted on: 29 May 2017
  • By: MelFisk

Students will take part in workshops at least three times a week. They will also have opportunities to reinforce and consolidate learning with independent practise sessions on Prototec and Kahn Academy and with follow up tasks provided by LA.
We will be looking to use real world contexts to reinforce understandings and to have these sessions be as fun and engaging as possible!

reflection at end of term 2
Use of Prototec as a tool to practise basic facts and strategy knowledge was successful - with some kids. it is a quick easy way of practising knowledge and skills and students like that they can target the stage specifically. Some students found the site boring and either preferred something like Sumdog or not to work on maths online.
We made good progress in tackling the standard written form. I used this as a format to introduce adding and subtracting decimals and students quickly went from finding decimals scary to seeing them as just numbers to work with.
We then went back to solving problems using known strategies of Rounding/Compensating and Place Value, with decimals.
We did not look at integers in this term.

next steps
Continue use of Prototec
Ensure we use a range of strategies to solve problems - standard written form and mental strategies in each session, to maintain what we have learnt. Maybe a quick challenge at the start of each session?
Adding and subtracting INTEGERS!!

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
make the most of opportunities to recap known strategies for adding and subtracting
develop knowledge of new strategies for adding and subtracting
practise how to solve addition/subtraction problems with algorithm - written method
develop understandings of integers and decimals
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