Football Fundraiser

  • Posted on: 25 May 2017
  • By: kirstymcmillan

Bake Sale/Sausage Sizzle
Football challenge - on the grass $1-3 to enter and free sausage/prize (can just buy a sausage/cake item)
- good, simple football competition
All the money will buy sports equipment for the school - football gear - small portable goals (super easy to set up) - $70 each? (two at $140) and good quality football - $100- $200?
Possibly sell bottles of fizz - bulk pack
Possible to approach Student Innovation Fund - to pay for sausages or to sponsor $1 per $1 raised? - Josiah
Timeline - hopefully finish by the end of this term
Sausages from Helliers - big pack - parents to fund
Promotion - community meetings and posters, newsletter - Noah to design poster

To Do List: 
organising a fundraiser
prizes could be sports related or chocolate/could be sponsored