Surf Vid

  • Posted on: 24 May 2017
  • By: KateArmour

My project is to make a really high quality video on surfing which will encourage people to go into the outdoors and surf. The target audience is younger and people who could go out but aren't at the moment.

The video will have me surfing and at the end of the video there will be links to a "Learn to Surf" contact. I have a camera to take footage.The video footage will all be from Sumner. It'll have a sound track. I'm going to use iMovie to edit my footage.

The imagery will be interesting.

1. How will you make the footage interesting? Can you take it from different perspectives?
2. Footage of preparing to go surfing
3. Good title
4. Have a story line to the video

To Do List: 
Get camera
Talk to family about helping
Get the footage - weather dependent
research other outdoor surf videos and analyse what makes a good quality video
edit my video with a sound track
upload to you tube
present to the community
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