Disco Fundraiser Impact Project

  • Posted on: 23 May 2017
  • By: kirstymcmillan

Aiming to fundriase for Circus in Kathmandu via disco(Libby is linked to Christchurch circus group who often fundraise for Kathmandu young childrens' circus)
Brent to teach DJ skills for DJs on the night
Libby to train people to sell food
Halswell Library $350
YMCA $15 an hour
Halswell Scout Hall $50 for 6 hours (in daytime)
Barbados St - new Fish and Chips shop - opens in August
6pm Set up
Starting at 7pm, Finishing at 10pm
Y6-9 at school (and maybe year 10s)
Roller Skate hire - $9 pp
Masks - Masquarave theme?
Supervisors - parent volunteers outside, give tea/coffee and biscuits to parents
Livvy has done most of paperwork
Possibly have circus people or materials there (eg juggling)
Steve to possibly contact Owen Perring for Frucor

Without rollerskates $10pp (60 tickets = $600), ($19 for rollerskatesand venue and tickets)
$150 Food and drink sales (maybe $200-300)
$300 student innovation fund
$300 venue hire
$450 profit

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
next steps: designing tickets/posters, confirm date and venue
survey students - skating? venue/location, music