Fox Box (Juvonne, Livvy, Jay, Zadie, Neith, and Steve Hunt)

  • Posted on: 18 May 2017
  • By: kirstymcmillan

Help families make a special once a week meal
Recipe card, ingredients and dish info
$25-30 a box (feeds family of four)
Simple. scumptious ingredients
Profits - some will go back into Student Innovation Fund - $250 then money back into school (and can pay ourselves)
Juvonne - part time
Rest of group - fulltime
3 week trial boxes
Promotion? - creating a website after 3 week trial, posters
Interest? surveys -have asked LAs - a few definite buyers and a couple of people who said maybe
Survey in school newsletter? - what do you usually have for dinner etc?
Trials of the boxes at home first (one group member per meal)
What is interesting? - interesting, mouthwatering dishes
Something different for families to cook
Team: jobs - all working together at the moment - 2 will do recipes each time, 2 to do the marketing, students to pick them up or have delivered - food safety (eg. meat in the fridge)
Ordering stickers and boxes through Steve
Molly designed sticker, maybe a fox box email and Steve's phone number? - checking with Steve
3 weeks until the first box
Posters today

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