HB Kiwi - Early Writers T2 2017

  • Posted on: 17 May 2017
  • By: SuzeKeys

This term we will learn to write recounts. A "recount" is the name for a story that retells something that we've done or experienced.

There are three types of recounts:
Personal recount - These usually retell an event that we have been personally involved in.
Factual recount - Records an incident, eg. a science experiment, police report.
Imaginative recount - Writes about an imaginary role and giving details of events, eg. A day in the life of a pirate; How I invented...

We will begin by writing some personal recounts. We will use a planning sheet (scaffold) to decide the When, Who, Where and What details of an event we have experienced. We will plan and write several of these to get an understanding of what is required in a good recount (writing about the details of the event in chronological order, selecting only the most relevant and interesting details of the event, writing in the past tense, using lots of “when” words: next, later, when, then, after, before, first, at the same time, as soon as she left, late on Friday…).

After we've had lots of practise at personal recounts, we'll move on to writing factual and imaginative recounts too.

We are working towards writing an unsupported recount as a writing sample for our portfolios.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Choose an event I have experienced to write my recount about.
Use a planning sheet to note down who, where, when and what details for my chosen event.
Write at least 2-3 sentences each day, adding to my story over several days.
Include interesting, relevant details to make my story appeal to my audience.
Use punctuation, finger spaces and capital letters correctly.
Write the words I know, and sound out the words I'm unsure of.
Remember to keep in mind my personal writing goals (in the back of my writing book).
Participate in all writing sessions (3 per week)
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