Animal Club - Term 2 2017

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
  • By: NadineWalmisley

On Friday mornings we will be looking after the animals we have brought to school, animals naturally occurring in our school environment, meeting visiting animals and finding out information about a variety of animals.

Each week we will work in our groups on a rotation of 6 jobs:
1. Rabbit
2. Chickens
3. Worms
4. Guinea Pigs
5. Naturally occurring animals
6. Vege garden for growing animal food.

Term 2, from week 3, the groups have declined to 4:
1. Chickens
2. Worms
3. Naturally occuring animals
4. Guinea Pigs

To Do List: 
Care for our animals based on our roster
Bring animals to visit
Share any interesting animal facts or information we have found
LA Code: