2017 Term 1 Writing Level 1 - Talk to Write - Raggylug

  • Posted on: 18 March 2017
  • By: libbyboyd

Talk to Write
Purpose is to understand how a story is sequenced and to remember it and write a story.
We will be using the story of Raggylug to:
Determine Key points of the story which we must include in our story.
Act out key points to include details and build a sequential memory of the story events
Retell the story and create a story map
Record the sequence together through creating and repeating actions
Start writing using what you have just done
Check our work correct mistakes and share our story with others.

This group focus is;
Mechanics of writing: Spelling, punctuation and letter formation
Retelling and sequencing.
Completing a whole story (some children by dictation and copying).

To Do List: 
Share versions of our story with others
Identify key points as a group
Act out the story using actions to help us remember key points
Record the steps using iPad or other medium
Write the story using the sequence we identified.
LA Code: