Narrative Writing - Term 3 2015 (HB Kea)

  • Posted on: 28 July 2015
  • By: GinaHarrison

The Discovery site staff are trying out a new approach to writing which begins with story telling.
The details of how the program will run are:

Write a Narrative of Little Hood Riding Hood

· Talk about Little Red Riding Hood – general discussion
· Establish the sequence of the story from the variations that come from the children’s prior knowledge
· Oral storytelling, strengthen remembering by - retelling/stepping it out/action
· LA telling it with actions – children go away to enable their - auditory memory, physical memory, visual memory. By telling story to each other bringing in the actions followed by the actions for punctuation. Giving them the scaffold for story sequence, bring in vocabulary – maybe bring in art, videoing the process
· LA co-creates story map with students (modelling)
- Students create own version of story map and begin telling story to each other
- Students record each other telling the story on the iPad using story map tiles as cues.
- Students write first draft of story
- LA enlarge first draft and students cut up and rearrange/rework sentence to add more adjectives, similes etc and to make it read better.
- Students publish edited product

We will then repeat this process with the students writing their own story from scratch.

Learning Area: 
To Do List: 
Listen to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood
Retell the story using actions
Participate in deciding what the main points in the story are
Draw a story map of the main points
Tell the story and record themselves telling it using their story map to help them
Write story from the recording they have made
Edit story for meaning and to add more interesting words
Repeat process to write another story