Learning Programmes

Learning Programmes are units of learning used that are not timetabled into a colour block. They are used on the Discovery Campus and in the year 7-10 Community. The year 11-13 community use these for mentoring session information. Talk to your LA if you would like to follow one of these.

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Description Levels Year
Reading Group - Orange

Students will read with their LA 4 times a week to develop fluency, confidence and skill.

Reading Group - Yellow

Students will read daily with their LA to build Reading confidence and skills.

Maths Measurement

A four week course in Term one, based on e-Asttle results. Concepts will include time, distance, mass, capacity and volume.

Building a new community

A community focus on our core values to continue to build our special character in our relationships and in our responsibility for our learning pat

ART: self portraits.

Portraiture, creating work that represents our turangi wae wae, our place in the world.

2, 3
ICT Goals

Every student
1)Having an email account..
2) Create a blog

Shared HB Inquiry: Building a city

Building a City shared Community inquiry.
Creating future cities, devising and answering questions as to what future cities will need.

2, 3
Literacy: Poetry Writing Levels 2-3

Literacy:. Creating individual goals from our written work.
Group writing goals.

2, 3
Maths Geometry Levels 2-3

Geometry, looking at shape, 3 d shape, linking to our build a city inquiry.

2, 3
Maths Statistics - HB G/P and J/N

Children will be involved in collecting, displaying and analysing data relating to themselves, their HB and other interests.

1, 2
Week 2 - Mon 9 - Fri 13 February

Purpose of this week -

2, 3, 4, 5
Week 1 Launch - Thursday 5 February

Our Goals for these two days...

2, 3, 4
Week 1 Launch - Wednesday 4 February

Our Goals for these two days...

2, 3, 4
Week 1 Launch

Our Goals for these two days...

2, 3, 4