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Assessment Information

  • Posted on: 11 November 2015
  • By: brentsilby

Assessment Dates
The course Learning Advisor will advise you of all assessment dates when you start the course.

Further Assessment Opportunities
When a student has not provided evidence of achievement for any grade from previously assessed work, following NZQA guidelines, Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery may offer a maximum of one further opportunity for assessment of a standard within a year.

  • A further assessment opportunity occurs when a new, quality-assured assessment is provided for students after their first opportunity and after further learning has taken place.
  • A maximum of one further opportunity for assessment means none or one. It does not mean one must be offered. It is the school’s decision whether a further opportunity will be offered for any standard.
  • Any further opportunity conditions must be consistent with those for the first opportunity.

A resubmission can be offered when the student could gain an achieved grade if they correct errors or omissions in their work in a short period of time.


  • will be limited to specific aspects of the assessment and no more than one resubmission should be provided
  • can only be offered when an assessment has been graded as Not Achieved
  • must take place before the teacher gives any feedback to the whole class (or any student) on the work done. If more teaching has occurred after the first assessment opportunity, resubmission is not possible.
  • should be closely supervised to manage authenticity
  • should be offered only where a teacher judges that a mistake has been made by the student, which the student should be capable of discovering and correcting themselves.

Assessment work completed must be your own work. Students may be required to sign an authenticity statement, perform certain parts of assessment tasks under close supervision, or show through interview and the existence of notes and supporting material that the work submitted by the student is genuinely his/her own work.

Retention of Student Work
Student internal assessment material will be retained by the department until it is no longer required for moderation purposes.

Appeals of grades awarded are to be made within two weeks of the return of the assessed work. Where a grade is appealed, school policy will be followed. Please refer to the NCEA student handbook for more information. Your HB Learning Advisor can help with this.

Late work
Student work is due on the date set at the time of the assessment activity. Late work will not be accepted unless an extension has been arranged before the due date. Please talk to your class LA about this.

Non submission of work / No assessment taken place
No grade will be awarded when no assessment has taken place for whatever reason.

Questions, concerns, other matters
Please direct questions to your subject Learning Advisor or Brent Silby